Retirement Planning for Life as a Happy Pensioner


Work is a central part of most people’s life although a time will come when employment ends and everyone needs to consider the implications of retiring. This is obviously of particular importance in terms of money. Those that want to be a financially secure and happy pensioner need to take a number of things into […]


Today’s world is all about energy efficiency. Things like energy saving lightbulbs, energy-generating solar panels are talked about frequently and people are encouraged to implement smart ‘energy efficient’ things in their lives. Cavity wall insulation is one of those things, as insulating your home properly will help to cut back on your costs and be […]

Going Bankrupt? Here is a Brief Tour of Your Options

Really, it’s not my place to judge. But let’s take a quick look at how you got here. Six months ago, you were all excited about starting your financial consultancy business. You rented some premium office space on Main Street. I certainly can’t fault you for your choice of location. You chose to organize as […]

The Perils of Emotional Binge Spending


In that particular moment, it seems like such a good idea, a blessedly divine idea if you were to be perfectly honest. You are looking a fifteen, and not a single six has been turned up. That pile of chips in front of you represents everything you brought to Vegas, plus what you were going […]