Successful Side Hustles: Zele Avradopoulos

zele 22 Successful Side Hustles: Zele AvradopoulosZele took an unknown passion and turned into a tidy side hustle.

How did you get started?

In  2007, for an LA agent.   I was an actor working as an admin for an agency. With the looming writers’ strike- I was asked to re-organize the office supply closet.  I loved doing it.

How long have you been doing this?

I’ve been a professional organizer since late 2007 and have been working part-time since then.

How do you make money (Hourly, By Project, Retainer or One Time Fee)?

Most of my work is hourly and by the project.  I have been put on retainer by a former client when I organized their move.

How do you get new clients?

I have my own website, referrals from other clients and organizers, word-of-mouth and attending networking events

When do you work on your side hustle?

Weekends and after work.  I also am able to do some virtual organizing for clients.

Do you have tips or resources for a person who just started a side hustle or wants to start one?

Join networking groups where you can develop professionally.  I am a member of NAPO (Nat’l Association of Professional Organizers), NAPO- NE (the New England chapter) and ICD (Institute of Challenging Disorganization).  Join business networking groups online and in person from LinkedIn.  Join business groups where you can meet people- Chamber of Commerce, BNI, etc.

Where can we go to connect with you?

On my website.

If you want to learn step-by-step how to get your own Side Hustle going my eBook Start a Side Hustle With Skills You Already Have breaks it down for you, making it simple to get started on your own Side Hustle today.

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