Quick and Cheap Easter Decoration Ideas

Easter is one of the most fun holidays to decorate for because of the beautiful spring colors that represent Easter. Pastels, bright, vivid pinks, blues, purples and oranges – it’s all wonderful. And decorating for Easter helps put us in the mood for spring, particularly after a long and cold winter. However, we don’t all have time to spend making exotic and challenging Easter decorations, and many don’t want to spend a ton either.

Here are a few quick and cheap Easter decoration ideas for you to consider:

* Easter Table Centerpiece – You can use any glass dish as the foundation for a magnificent centerpiece. If for example you have a glass cake stand, you can line the base of the cake stand with Easter grass and stack dyed eggs around it in a pyramid shape. Be careful to balance them well. Easter eggs made from hard boiled eggs are easier to stand and if they happen to fall off the centerpiece, you can just peel them and eat them.

If you have a shallow glass bowl, you can do the same thing; line it with Easter grass and set your prettiest Easter eggs in it. Or you can fill the glass bowl with water and float a few flowers and candles. Place the glass bowl on a brightly colored plate, maybe one that matches or contrasts the color of the flowers and candles, and you have a beautiful centerpiece you made primarily from items you already have around your home. Cheap and quick!

* Easter Crafts – You and your children can make adorable Easter bunnies from items lying around the house, too. White socks stuffed with foam can be used to make Easter bunny bodies and pieces of felt to make their ears and feet. You can also use pom poms for their arms and legs. Pom poms and googly eyes can be purchased for pennies at your local craft store and you have an adorable bunny. Use a marker for the whiskers or sew them on with black thread. If you want to make your bunny bottom heavy so it sits upright, consider placing a few small stones in the bottom or even a small bag of sand.

* Egg Decorating – If you’re tired of the dip and dye Easter egg decorating, consider decoupage eggs made with cutouts from your favorite magazines, scrapbooking supplies, or books and white glue. It’s easy and the eggs can be really beautiful. Simply cut out the images you want on the egg. Using a stiff, dry paintbrush, brush the glue onto the egg where you’re going to place the images. Position your pictures, gently put more glue on top and allow to dry. You can use crayons, paint or even traditional egg dye to add interest to the egg.

Another egg decoration idea is to use string to create an interesting look. You’ll need eggs, string, and acrylic paint. Dip the string in the paint and lay it on your egg in a random pattern, or sweep it across your egg. Experiment with different colors and techniques. Allow your eggs to dry.

Easter decorations don’t have to be expensive. They can be fun, quick and cheap for everyone. Give these suggestions a try or use your imagination to expand on them. Happy Easter!

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